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Costco Car Battery


Best on the market

Whether you say car battery Costco, or Costco car battery, either way you’re referring to the Kirkland Signature in-house brand of batteries at Costco. They have always been considered a solid battery with good value for the money and have one of the best warranties in the business.

You might be interested to know that Johnson Controls makes many of the batteries sold by a variety of manufacturers across the country, including Costco. All are considered to be good batteries, and since they are made by the same manufacturer, if you really think about it, they are essentially the same battery, just with a different label on the outside.

A lot of people report very good things about the Kirkland Signature line of batteries. A quick glance at a forum where people share their experiences will show you a very favorable impression for Kirkland batteries.

Some Comments Include:

“I put a Kirkland battery in my Toyota, and it has always worked great. Loved the price in comparison to other brands and I don’t have a thing to worry about with the car battery Costco warranty.”

“Hey, I also like Kirkland. The cold cranking amps have helped me here in Minnesota, and a couple of the mechanics I spoke to said, ‘just look for the car battery Costco sign.

“I bought the car battery Costco, with no problems. Price was great, and I knew I could give it back if it didn’t work.”

“I live where it’s really cold — drops down to 20° below 0 — and the Kirkland batteries I’ve owned have outperformed everything else I’ve bought.”

“I don’t think the Costco batteries are any better than any other batteries made. That being said the warranty is what I like about the Costco batteries. It’s a 3-year warranty and it’s not prorated! If your battery doesn’t have the get up and go to get you up and gone anytime within 3 years, just bring it back and they’ll give you your money back and you can get a brand-new one. What’s not to love about that!”

One of the nice things about shopping for a Kirkland battery at Costco is the savings available on so many other things at Costco — since you’re there anyway. Sure, you have to be a member to shop, but our family saves the membership fees in just one or two trips! Now that we also shop for tires and batteries at Costco we save even more. Of course, shopping for tires and batteries only occurs once every few years. That’s a little different than the biweekly trips we make to Costco to grocery shop, or shop for personal care products or vitamins or other consumables.

So Many Ways to Save:

Shopping for tires or batteries is a little like shopping for other items at Costco that you don’t need every day — things like stereos, hardware, clothing, books or office supplies. You don’t need them that often, but when you do, you always get such a great deal and feel good about what you got and how much you saved.

Another thing we like about Costco is that it’s a great place to shop for gifts for family members or friends.

So, next time you find yourself in the hallowed halls of Costco, saving money on everything in sight, don’t forget your car, and swing by the automotive center for some great deals on tires, batteries and more.

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